Fifth of the second batch! These were a major success, thanks a whole bunch everybody~

Sledgehammer 44 and Johann Kraus. Seems like Johann just found an inspiration for a wardrobe change.

4th of the second batch, Sir Edgar! Falling from some height. Hopefully the land is soft. 

Third of the second batch! A bit of a familiar face, this time running a marathon (from or to) death and destruction. Hopefully he can keep up.

Second of the second batch. Kali Brinda! ended up dicking around with brushes. good fun.

First of the second batch. Glad i get to draw so much leaguey, So heres dear riven~ 

Also with this, commissions are closed. Thanks to everyone who reblogged and supported my endeavors! the second batch was filled in a day, jeez.

Rocket with a rocket launcher! and grooted.
5th of my commissions! Woo first batch complete, thanks so much for commissioning me.

Fourth of the commissions! Erzengel being glorious.

Brinda! third of the commissions.

She seems to have found an intern under her foot.

Second of the commissions! I was originally gonna go for quinn, being that shes my favorite adc. Buuuuut i’ve been thinking about vayne alot as of late. Didja know her first name is Shauna? i appreciated that.

Sir Daniel Fortesque fighting some… sort of wyrm.

One of the five sketch commissions im doing, thanks for the support to everyone who reblogged and wished to commission me!

So i’ve been busy lookin for a consistent job, thus the pause on Siren and the patreon project. Cestlavie, hopefully the job search will end soon! I’ll be heading out to baltimore for otakon tomorrow evening, will be there till next monday. maybe ill see some of you there, who knows~

In any case heres a quick painting of ithice hanging out with soroi.