makeup is fuckin spooky…

wish i had someone who knows how to use it can teach me how to use it. OR OR at least someone to go out with while i try and brave it in public.

July First aannnd heres the first page of Siren. im excited, you excited? im excited.

Siren is one of five comics im working on through Patreon, if youre interested in supporting my comic endeavors consider checking out that page, spreadin’ it or being a patron~ either way thanks a bunch. 

So Siren won the vote poll thingy~ so ill be working on that first. heres a little victory image cause i realized i never really drew dear ithice un-armored and at sea. I’ll be posting updates and roughs of the pages on my patreon. Other than that i’ll be posting full pages here.

the last banner for the patreon! Issues and dear Novash. Today is the last day for determining which comic i work on first so go and vote, click this creature for democratic process.

The banner for Siren! one more to go. On that note i’ll be keeping up the poll until all banners are made(which will be tomorrow). then at that point ill actually get started on the voted story. Click this creature to help me decide which one i work on first. Many thanks

Banner for NCS:LC for my patreon shenanigans. On awesome news, i recently got my first patron on that thing! so time to get working. I have five stories lined up, so i wish to see which story you’d like me to work on first. So heres a poll thingy for everyone to vote on. If you dont know what the five stories are, the patreon page has synopses of each story, so check that out.

Either way thanks a bunch for the support. O ALSO, i send my love to dearest flowers, thanks for being the first <3.

Made a comrade, decided to finish a drawing i never got done. jinx caught a bird.

DID IT. So the patreon is so i can work about five stories I’ve written. Siren, Issues, North Central Station: Lucidna-Chiron, The Fifth Age, and Dragon Fucker. Theyre about Mermaids, Flesh-cults, Bionic Arms, Elves, and Dragons. You can check out better explanations on the actual website.

In any case I’ll be working on these things, and depending on how successful the patreon goes, I’ll be putting up a page every other week to once a week.

iiiii finished it. re-did it from whatever i could find.

the fifth age.

i think by now you can notice why im making all these super vertical banners for. AF and Tantien pondering a logo.